Songbook backing tracks and piano scores

Below is a list of songs on the Songs for Aboriginal Studies and Reconciliation Songbook and CD, you can download the scores and backing tracks below.


Artunyiapinha (Seven Sisters)

The Seven Sisters (Pleiades cluster in the Taurus constellation), who travel the night sky, bringing the frost in the winter, which helps the girls grow into women and boys into men


Awi Nganda (Heavy Shower of Rain)

Arid environments sometimes get heavy summer rain with thunder storms resulting in flooded creeks



People everywhere experience a range of emotional feelings



Adnyamathanha people used to live in homes made from leaves and boughs or in caves but now live in houses like other people


Idnya (the Native Cat or Quoll)

An Adnyamathanha story about Idnya (the Native Cat) who fell in love and eloped with Vardna (the Goanna) and were punished for breaking the law


Ikara (Wilpena Pound)

Homesick memories of growing up at Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges


Kondolli (the Whale)

A Kaurna and Ramindjeri story fromVictorHarbor, about Kondolli, who became a whale after he refused to share fire


Mar (the Cockatoo)

A Boandik story about Mar the Cockatoo who held the secret of fire in his crest


Oh My Warla

A fun action song about being hungry and thinking about bush foods from childhood but settling for a pizza instead


Old Grey Buggy

Travelling as a child in an old grey donkey buggy from the mission to the nearest town with uncle and cousins


Our Patch

A school cares for land along a nearby river which they call ‘Our Patch’


The Flag

A song about history and the Aboriginal flag


Time to Burst the Bubble

A Reconciliation song


Tjilbruke (the Ibis Man)

A Kaurna story from the Adelaide Plains about Tjilbruke who created fresh water springs along the coast from his tears as he cried following his nephew’s death


Urrakurli, Wakarla and Wildu (Magpie, Crow and Eagle)

An Adnyamathanha story about the cheeky magpie and crow and their uncle, the eagle, and how the nephews acquired black feathers